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Painting & Cleaning Services


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LC Painting and Cleaning Services

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We are a company with more than 14 years of experience in painting and cleaning jobs.

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Cleaning Services

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Painting Services

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Professional painting services, interior & exterior painting services

Weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, moving-in and moving-out, special events, holiday, once a month, and basic and deeply cleaning. We include bathrooms, kitchen, floors, vacuuming, shaking all areas, beds are made, laundry area and much more. 

We specialize in exterior painting such as power washing, siding paint, trim, porches, decks, stain, paint stucco, brick.

In interior painting, we specialize in repairing and painting sheetrock walls, ceiling painting and repair, trim, stain doors, and kitchen, bathroom, and bar cabinets.

Why choose us

LC Painting and Cleaning Services


Our team is made up of professional, responsible and friendly workers so that our clients feel safe when letting us enter their homes.


Our company always takes all the necessary measures so that our workers are always as safe as possible. We make sure to protect and cover all of our clients' furniture. Additionally, we have liability insurance and workers comp insurance.


Our company always does its best to provide our clients with the highest possible quality in our work. Quality is more important to us than quantity. At LC Painting and Cleaning, we use the best products to make the finishes last.

Painting and Cleaning Services

We love what we do

We dedicate all our effort to deliver your project on time.

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Painting and cleaning service: white and clean · Whether just broom clean or thoroughly cleaned, · Touched-up or completely repainted.